Providing a service in....

Commissioning, construction, QAQC, ATEX Insepctions,

mechanical completions, and project management services.

We have over twenty years experience in Heavy Industry, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and maintenance in a wide range of roles and responsibilities. These include senior management, commissioning, inspection, construction, and completions positions. We have a strong knowledge when working on both Atex and non certified equipment, in both classified, de-classified, and safe areas, as well as completing associated documentation with different mechanical completions and PTW / LOTO systems.

All this has enabled success in a range of areas because of our ability to develop good working relationships. Having high standards for safe working and safe working systems, as well as good working practice. We believe that it's essential to continue learning new areas of the electrical industry and always striving to improve in this diverse field of ours.

Why us?

With an extensive history and experience in onshore, offshore, and in both the Uk and overseas.

A wealth of knowledge of the industry, it's well regarded personnel and a keen interest for the future of the industry.

Strong references available on request.