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Commissioning, construction, QAQC, ATEX Insepctions,

mechanical completions, and project management services.

Above is a small gallery of some of the past projects which we have proudly been apart of...

HSE Noticeboard:

JSEL safety theme of the 


We must always read, and understand the project Permit to Work (PTW), procedures, and have the required training prior to starting any task. This includes attending a tool box talk, and signing onto the certificate to state we have read and understand the boundary of the permit and its supporting documents. These can include, ICC - Isolation Confirmation Certificate, Gas Test, COSH reports, and other documents applicable for the task. If we are unsure we all have the power to STOP THE JOB, have conversations with the Permit Issuer and Performing Authority (PA) to ensure a safe method of work.

JSEL encourage, and will fully support anyone who stops a job to investigate any potential hazards and conflicts on any project regardless of outcome.

Nothing is that important that we cant take the time to do it safely.

Stay Safe.

JSEL News:

Nawara project starts producing!

We are please to announce that we have extended our contract with OMV to secure work into Q2 of 2020! The CPF flare has ignited meaning the project is now online and is successfully sending gas up North to Gabes.

Future Contracts:

Woosmith Mine, North Yorkshire

We are pleased to announce a new contract is secured with Anglo American. We will be based at the Woodsmith Mine in North Yorkshire as part of the commissioning phases on the project. This project is an initial 2 month contract which we expect to extend long term with the client AA. JSEL will be providing electrical operatives to the on site commissioning team from March 2021. Commissioning hasn't fully started yet but early stages are now in motion. We will also be working with the QAQC teams for handover of systems.